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Said breeder, Lila Kyriakopolous, sold us a sick Pomeranian puppy on February 2nd, 2013.We paid $850 and she gave us a health guarantee.

She also did not vaccinate the puppy prior to sale because he was "too small" and for us to come back in a couple of weeks. He weighed .77 kilos and within 36 hours of bringing him home, he began to vomit. We rushed him to Emergency and within two hours he died in our arms. She is a scammer and sells sick dogs to innocent people.

Buyer Beware! She will not admit to this and will not refund our money or even offer another dog. She's denying it is her dog in the first place. She does not care about you and she is running a puppy mill.

Do not buy from her unless you want to experience extreme heartache and financial losses.

Monetary Loss: $1500.


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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #780253

Lila sold my daughter a sick mixed, yes this registered breeder sold a Maltese Pomeranian mix that came to us very sick.Pooping blood full of some kind of parasite suspected parvo.

This weeee pup spent the first three months in and out of the vet with a bill exceeding $3500 not including the $500 cost of the pup !!!! She is a money hungry lying nasty cold hearted witch and with calling her to explain what was happening she offered nothing. That the pup came to us healthily yet couldn't explain why on the second day of being home the dog was rushed to the vet with the worse bloody diarrhea that I've ever seen

Do not buy a thing from her. Especially a puppy.

Someone has to have her closed down

Someone needs to save those weee fur babies.

I know the kennel club didn't want to even listen to me

Buyer beware.Don't buy from her !!!!!!!!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #748321

I would like to start by saying I want to corroborate the posters story.I had the exact same thing happen with my Pomeranian puppy bought from Lila, she is a vile and evil women who treats dogs likes products...she lets them die.

She needs to be stopped. I also know many people with the same story. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO MENTION THAT THE POSTER ALY IS A LIAR AND IS LILA IN DISGUISE. I have come across ALY's posts on many occasions.



Vista Heights, Ontario, Canada #739129

This is a very sickening complaint! Id like to start off saying that Iris Millanova who's real name seems to be Iris Milanoff has no feelings what's so ever for the dog that supposedly died and no respect to this REGISTERED BREEDER named Lila Kyriakopolous. It's very sad how "educated" and former student from Uoft can express herself this way about anyone. She has been giving out FALSE information this is cruel and disgusting, not only has she lied about her identity as Claire Thompson but the story that she has created has impacted the 35 beautiful and hard working long years of Lila's kennel named Rossetti and Aarts. Why would anyone even believe this person when she lies about her true identity but does come forward and gives out the name, city, kennel name and number of another person? She is a coward ! That's what she is!

A little bit about myself and where I come in this story defending Lila from this monstrous person and all these false accusations. I had been searching over a year on a web page for a pomeranian. I always wanted a purebred pomeranian and the puppies advertised I would not come with shots, were being advertised too young (6 weeks of age) or simple not purebred. I finally found an ad that fitted with what I had been looking for over a long time. This was:

1- Parents on site

2- To see the environment of where my puppy has been raised (clean/ good family)

3- shots and dewormed

4- Purebred

BINGO! I finally found a beautiful white/blonde tiny purebred pomeranian advertised at 14 WEEKS of age! Perfect I said, he comes with shots and absolutely all 4 points that I was looking for. Great!! I quickly contacted the person through this web ad and she answered the next day. Her name is Lila Kyriakopolous (geeeez such a long last name I almost swallowed my tongue trying to pronounce it LOL). Lila quickly provided me information and sent me her address. She was willing to either meet in Peterborough or at her location. I wanted to go to her location, therefore, I went.

Id like to highlight to Iris and "others" that when you decide to bring someone in your life like a puppy it is a huge responsibility and the least you could do is go and see where your puppy is coming from! Meet the parents and the former owner! That's the least you can do. I own 4 pomeranians and I drove 9 hours from downtown Toronto (where I live) all the way to Cochrane to get one of them. I could have meet halfway but it's not a pair of sneakers or an ultimate fashion dress that I was buying, it was my kid!

A "Country Farm/home" or whatever was stated in this board that's a huge LIE, it's called a Kennel and this Kennel my dear is owned by the REGISTERED breeder Lila Kyriakopolous how dare you do this to her and her beautiful dogs! Thank God that I went for myself and never read this because if I would have read this I would have never gone and would have NEVER met this wonderful lady (Lila) who not only welcomed me to her house but also showed me all her dogs! These dogs are taken very good care of and are even welcomed into her house. How many breeders actually let their dogs sleep inside their homes? Almost NONE! They have absolutely have NO TICKS on them! Every one these are lies! PLEASE go and see for yourselves! If there's something that I have learned from this experience is to never listen to words that others say until you have actually experienced it.

I will be posting pictures of my beautiful dogs. Dogs? Yes lol. Not only did I buy one from her I bought TWO more!!! I will continuo to tell others about her story and the terrible bad mouthing that this young lady has done, her name is Iris Milanoff! She should be ashamed of herself not only did she buy one dog from this lady she bought more and they are happy and healthy you can look for videos on YouTube to see it yourself her boyfriends name is Ihab Ghandi look at the videos and see for yourself. She is a LIAR!

I also would like to let everyone know that this is in the process of being taken to court and not only have I supported Lila to do so buy many others that own dogs from her! She is NOT alone and I will make sure she wins this case and that Iris Milanoff makes herself responsible for the actions that she has decided to take of this malicious INTENT!

Please contact me for more info!

My dogs names are Monkey, Coco and Neo. I would happily provide pictures of them and more information if wanted! Id like to say once again...


Kyriakopolous for everything and never give up!

Thank you for reading ! :)

to Aly Toronto, Ontario, Canada #748388

You are a liar and a fake. I have proof.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #714093

They don't need vaccinations!!

to Anonymous Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada #752152

Yes they do.Especially toy breeds...are you insane?

How is an animal that tiny supposed to thrive and survive without at least booster shots?:cry

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #698907

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss but would like to add my story to yours if it will help you. I bought my pom from her 7 years ago with the promise of him being a teacup (4 pounds or under as an adult) I paid 400$ more than her other puppies.

The day I brought him home he had diarrhea and within 6 hours of getting him from he passed out and started having seizures. I rushed him to the hospital and found out he was hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and that if I had showed up at the vets 1/2 hour later he would have been dead. This one trip to the vet cost me $1200. I asked the vet what would have caused this and she told me whoever had him before was probably not feeding him properly so he would stay a certain size. I also asked the vet if this could have been prevented and the vet told me that if I only had him for 6 hours there was nothing I could have done. I called Lila because I wanted her to help with the vet bills since she was the one responsible in which she answered I should have called her instead of going to the vet and hung up.

After about 6 months my puppy was now over 4 pounds and called her because I wanted a refund for paying extra for a teacup when he really was not. To this she told me I was feeding my dog too much and he's fat that's why he's over 4 pounds. (lies-I had the vet check him to make sure he was not overweight)

At 8 months, my puppy starting limping and upon giving him an xray the vet told me my pup had an issue with this hip. The ball part of his leg was too big for the socket and was rubbing on the nerves, He needed surgery to fix this or he would have lost the use of his leg forever. We had a health guarantee with Lila for anything hereditary (which the vet confirmed this was) She would still not honour her guarantee. Instead she told me she wouldn't help pay for the vet bills but would replace my puppy and that that was her guarantee and not to help with vet bills.

He recovered fully from his surgery but than he started to lose all his fur. We couldn't figure out why and took him to all the tests we were able to do for him. skin biopsy, thyroid test etc etc and everything came out negative. The vet finally came to the conclusion that he had alopecia X and he lost all the fur on the trunk of his body and tail. This is also and hereditary genetic issue.

This lady is definitely not in this business for the puppies. Who would ever offer to "replace" your family member

Overall I spent more than $10, 000 on a sick puppy from her. She did not take responsibility for anything.

Hopefully this will help you

good luck


Recently purchased a Yorkie.I'm very upset.

He is sick with worms and she won't do anything about this. Is there a way I can please get in touch with the Original Poster?

We have a gaurantee and she wont honor it.

Rossetti Kennel is awful do not purchase from this woman!!!:sigh


I can corroborate with original poster's experience. I, too, am a victim of hers. I paid my deposit for my Pomeranian puppy (much like OP's baby) and went through a similar route. I paid $850 - $200 deposit and $650 when I picked the little guy up.

She promised no flea & tick, diseases, nothing. Of course she would, why would she say otherwise? I asked her many questions from the time I went to visit him to picking him up with regards to types of shots he got, deworming method, food, vacc. schedule. She said she will tell me everything in person. I didn't know she didn't have a vet until I picked him up. She told me she had her own vet that she took her puppies to. And when I picked him up, she said "I didn't give him his shots. He's too small. Come back in two weeks." She also told me to stop "internetting" with regards to information.

Having stumbled across this review, I panicked and got in contact with OP who graciously helped me through this transition time. Lila gets on the defense whenever you ASK or MENTION anything that can slightly be an issue. For example, I noticed my puppy was incessantly scratching his ears and biting his fur & paw. All she had said was "he has no fleas".

I brought him to the vet myself for shots and a checkup (probably what she intended us to do anyway). He started having really soft, diarrhea-like poo. One morning I woke up and found a really small living larva-worm looking thing. I messaged her when I got the chance, in hopes of seeking information. She rose her voice and said "If you're complaining, you need EVIDENCE. I have 20 puppies, you have one. How will ANYONE believe you without evidence?"

She also claimed she "gives up" and is no longer willing to help me in the future...

Today, he vomited a little. She is a sick woman. She does not care. Do not keep her for profit puppy mill running...

Please buyers, beware. This week (it's only been six days) has been a nightmare - without sleep for me, and my whole family. The financial loss is still racking up.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #617488

Hello is there anyway I can get into contact with the person who wrote this complaint?Lila sold us a chihuahua that was supposed to be $600 but charged us $800 because he was "t-cup".

Since birth he has had an inguinal hernia ( intestines pushing out of abdominal wall) it has caused him to not be able to gain weight and he has frequent diarrhea. The reason we still bought him and at full price was because Lila clearly stated she would pay for the hernia to be fixed once he was 'big enough'. Now 8 months later when he is finally full grown at 3 lbs and able to have the surgery I called back and she claimed that she never said such a thing and said it wasn't her responsibility and even asked "does he even need it done?" She is a lying delusional lady who should not sell dogs and makes many promises she cannot keep!!!!

Anyways we would like to get in contact with you and help you in any way with your struggle against her because I have a feeling she has done this to many more people.We would like to see her not selling dogs anymore.

to customer of lila's Toronto, Ontario, Canada #617491

Hello!!I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you.

The user name I used for this account (you can search it on Google) you will find me.

Please add me in any one of my social media accounts...I don't want to openly say my name on this site but I would love to speak to you!PLEASE!

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